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Institutional Membership

Institutional Requirements

Each institution participating in the National Name Exchange must demonstrate that it will be able to carry out the following functions which are required by the Consortium:

  1. Generate a list of qualified minority sophomores, juniors and seniors at the institution.
  2. Return the information to the central collecting institution (the University of Washington) at the agreed upon time.
  3. Devise a mechanism to successfully use the names supplied to the institution by the other members of the Consortium.
  4. Identify someone who can serve as a contact person for students and faculty who desire information about the institution.
  5. Provide a mechanism to assist students to make an informed decision regarding their graduate and professional careers.
  6. Attend the annual conferences and pay annual membership dues.

Application and Nomination to Participate in the Name Exchange

Institutions wishing to participate in the Consortium may apply or may be nominated by any current member university.  Applications are made in writing to the Chair of the Consortium, who informs the applying institution of the criteria used to evaluate applicants.  All applications are discussed and voted upon by the entire body at the annual meeting.

The following criteria are used to evaluate applicants:

  1. The institution should have both undergraduate and graduate programs of a quality comparable to those offered by the present member institutions and should offer qualities which would enhance the educational opportunities of the students at the member institutions. This is necessary if “true exchange” among institutions is to be maintained.
  2. The institution must demonstrate and document how interest in increasing the enrollments of traditionally under-represented students is manifested on their campus. An expression of interest in the recruitment of minority students is not sufficient to warrant admission.
  3. The representative of the institution should be a person in a position to make decisions that are honored and respected by the institution.